Group brands


Our principle

Since its foundation in 1973, Antigua always searched for the same objective: to manufacture unique and special ceramic features. This principle, along with a constant search for high quality products have made the company a worldwide reference in exclusiveness, diversity and sophistication in ceramics.

Combining tradition and modernity, creativeness and innovation spirit, the company, along its 40 years of existence, has based its production in a 100% artistic process which depends on the highly trained hands of dedicated ceramic artisans.

To experience the process and feel the dedication of the artisans - which delicately mold, décor and design the pieces - will put you in a set of emotions and magic.

Our market

Focused on high-end residential and comercial projects, today, Antigua can be found in many markets worldwide such as the United States, Canada, Japan, the Middle Eastern Countries and the Caribbean Islands.

Within the Brazilian market, Antigua works with over 108 retail stores covering the main capitals and cities in Brazil.

Due to its artistic manufacturing process, Antigua is also known for its special projects and developments according to client needs or project requirements.

Our other brands

Along all these years, the company has also dedicated efforts to the development of new brands of products. They are:

BAEPI - Moroccan Style Tiles (

AZULEJARIA BRASIL – Decorative Tiles (